Our Story

Founded 2015

Two Italian brothers from Naples created Why Not Brand and the opened their first showroom in Aversa, Naples.

September 2016

Opened at Centergross Bologna, Italy.

Announced that Why Not Brand stocked in 250 shops throughout Italy and 70 throughout Europe. 

Two year of intense work towards a single goal – 'transforming an idea into a brand'. 

May 2018

Opened the first retail shop in Bologna, Italy

‘Behind every goal accomplished there is a new start. Behind every result there is another challenge’. 

May 2019 

Opened the second retail shop in Ravenna, Italy

‘The best things are achieved only with the maximum of passion, love and sacrifice’.

August 2019

Launched into the UK market

Rapidly growing through Europe the last few years, WNB arrived in the UK, launching a new website, selling and distributing directly from the UK.

Why Not Brand is a result of hard work, dedication, futuristic-thinking minds along with trust and knowledge of the Why Not Brand audience.

Our Style

Great stories don't just stand still. They evolve, change over time and are influenced by what surrounds them.

Each garment represents our passions and the desire to communicate a different point of view about the world: a story. A story that comes together where everyone can identify through our collections to make their own mark and tell their story. 

Our collections are influenced by English street-style, use mimetic textures and colours, along with a hint of inspiration from the great films of Hollywood that have marked our lives, told their stories to us and left a lasting impression.

A collection inspired by local excellence that helps defines their style, tells a story, and contributes to the history of the wearer.