Our Italian sneakers are the real deal

We don't make Italian-"style" sneakers - we make the real thing.

Our genuine Italian sneakers are intricately assembled together by hand in our Italian design studio. When we say "Made In Italy" we mean it.

That Italian passion for elegant design and quality materials goes into every sneaker we produce, and it's why Why Not Brand has emerged as a leading maker of Italian footwear.

Italian sneakers

They are actually sneakers

Designed for both activity and style, these shoes are meant to be worn. We don't call them "trainers" because they're not just for training, but if you want to wear these on a tennis court or at the gym, they won't let you down.

Italian sneaker brand

The materials are uncompromising

We source the best quality leather, suede and tech fabrics for our shoes. They feel more premium because they are more premium. Even our printed designs on the sneakers have extra care and attention given to ensure they are perfect every time. 

Made In Italy sneakers

The designs have purpose

We follow the design principle that these sneakers are meant to compliment the rest of your outfit, not overshadow them. So our styles are generally two-toned with accents around the collar.

Each sneaker is also designed to be perfectly in sync with the rest of the Why Not Brand collection, allowing you to mix and match complete outfits that just go together.

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